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About me

My top tips for getting ready for your shoot...


Be comfortable: My aim is to capture beautiful, natural shots of your family. So it is really important that everyone is happy and comfortable in what they're wearing. Depending on the age of the children, we may do the shoot in the local park and this often means we are walking, running and playing.


Add a splash of colour: colour wise it is great to get a little coordination into the outfits. I'm not talking matching tops, or a finely tuned palette of colours. Just a little bit of planning in terms of making sure you don't have any dramatic clashes or all turn up in stripes...It can be a good idea to lay out the whole family's outfits together before the shoot and see how they look together. Choosing varying tones of one colour can work well. Or if you want someone to wear a particular item of clothing, eg a dress, lift colours from the dress and put other family members in these colours. Bold colours work well, as does going with the season - if it's a sprintime shoot, pastel colours look great. Autumn shoots with bright bold hats look great.


A bit of personality: Let your kids personalities shine through their clothes! A tutu and wellies can look fab, including a favourite cape can bring a little something extra to the images.


Things to avoid: I tend to advise clients to avoid big logos, pictures or writing on clothing - this can easily distract from the rest of the image and become a focus for your shoot.


Accessorize! Colourful hats, bright wellies, scarves, hair clips, favourite teddies and flowers can all look great in photos as it can creat a nice focus and a splash of colour. Feel free to bring along some carefully chosen fancy dress items too if you like - this can be really fun for kids and produce some lovely images.


Toys: Scooters and bikes can be a fun addition to a shoot, but if it's going to be hard to keep the kids with us I tend to advise people to leave them at home (or at least in the car until after the shoot!) as they can also be a distraction. If it's sunny bringing a picnic blanket or rug and a few selected favourite toys can be a lovely addition to a shoot.


Decisions decisions....I am always happy to provide advice on what to wear and bring. If you're struggling to decide between a couple of outfits please also feel free to send me a photo of the outifits and I'll happily help make the final decision,


It's raining, it's pouring...If the weather is really bad on the day of the shoot I am happy to reschedule if we can find another date that suits us both. But equally, sometimes bad weather doesn't have to mean bad photos - splashing through puddles and huddling under umbrellas can make lovely images!


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